Bahrain - Manama

Regional Travel Advice
- Arrival: immigration can be very stressful, and you may have to go through lengthy security checks on arrival in Bahrain. We recommend using a meet-and-greet service such as Tristar Worldwide offers. We will escort you from your flight to your waiting chauffeur, significantly reducing any hassle or stress you might experience as you clear immigration and customs.- Clients will be greeted as they exit customs. Please be aware that unless asked directly by a client, Tristar Worldwide does not display the company name or brand. This is part of our security measures to ensure your safety and discretion at all times. Precisely for this reason, we also keep car doors locked and windows closed at all times during travel.- Cultural sensitivity: Bahrain is an Islamic nation and visitors must be respectful of the local laws and customs. Whilst not as strict as some other Gulf nations, Bahrain is still conservative. Visitors – women in particular – should avoid wearing revealing, tight or short clothing in public. Public displays of affection are not accepted and individuals who engage in promiscuous behaviour risk being arrested.- The workweek stretches from Sunday to Thursday; Friday and Saturday compose the weekend. During the month of Ramadan (dates vary every year), a majority of Muslims fast from dawn until dusk. Although visitors are not expected to follow this tradition, be aware that business hours are limited during this period, and there can be no eating, drinking or smoking in public.