Safety is very important at Tristar, that is why our chauffeurs are highly trained and our fleet is made up of some of the safest and most comfortable vehicles available in the world.

Your safety is our prime concern, which is why our safety process starts at the chauffeur recruitment stage and never stops. All of our chauffeurs have to pass the initial recruitment stage which involves practical examinations for both driving skills and route knowledge.

Once this stage has been successfully passed they then have to undertake an intensive training programme before they can begin work with Tristar. Our training does not stop there; this is reviewed throughout the year not just focusing on driving standards but customer service and how we can continually improve service delivery.

We are serious about safety. The responsibility begins at the top, with our Board of Directors. Responsibility for Health & Safety including Road Risk Management is a top-down process at Tristar - it’s that important.


Our chauffeurs are an integral component of our organisation, responsible for providing outstanding customer service, excellent safety and professional standards.

This is why we use rigorous recruitment, training and assessment of our chauffeurs, which ensures we engage customer service minded individuals who can uphold our meticulous standards and endorse the Tristar name.


Our intial screening is against five criteria, including communication skills and geographical knowledge. Candidates who meet the requirements are invited to attend a second-stage assessment at our offices, where they will be evaluated further.

The second assessment includes a practical element, where candidates’ driving skills are assessed along with their geographical knowledge, e.g. routes, locations of key landmarks, and map reading skills. Customer service skills, punctuality and licenses are also checked as part of the assessment.

Candidates must pass each stage of the selection process. Once their licenses are verified against stated criteria and references have been provided and cleared, only then are they are taken on board as new recruits.


A comprehensive and intensive course, our training program educates chauffeurs in a variety of essential subjects, including customer care, accident prevention, vehicle maintenance, safety procedures, and technology training.

In order to graduate as a Tristar chauffeur, candidates must pass their assessments that evaluate their theoretical and practical knowledge.


The training and assessment of chauffeurs does not end at any specific point. We are committed to the continuous improvement, we conduct regular refresher courses and license checks.