18 Countries, 26 Cities in 23 Days



Corporate Blue (an experienced Corporate Travel Management company based in Australia) contracted Tristar to provide ground transportation for their client Scott Fraser - Managing Director of SuitPack for his epic multi country sales trip. This unbelievably demanding itinerary covered 26 cities in 23 days with over 50 journeys.


DEMANDING SCHEDULE – With a crammed timetable of back-to-back meetings in each city, the consequences of Mr Fraser not reaching his flight in time would have a major knock-on effect for the rest of his trip.

MULTI CITIES AND COUNTRIES – With over 50 transfers taking place in 26 different cities, the coordination of the travel schedule required a complete and thorough plan for each location. As the trip started in the Far East and ended up in the USA, it was imperative that our international team used their local knowledge of each area, customs and languages to ensure that the client was kept on schedule and had a smooth trip.


Utilising our global network and the experience of our international team, Tristar meticulously planned Mr Fraser’s ground transport itinerary to ensure that at each destination, from Tokyo to Toronto and everywhere in between, he was met on time by a smart, presentable, and well trained chauffeur who knew exactly where Mr Fraser needed to be and by what time.

At the same time, the Tristar team regularly updated Corporate Blue so they knew exactly when Mr Fraser had been collected and dropped off at each destination.

Ground transportation can often be overlooked when planning a schedule such as Mr Fraser’s. However it is the glue that holds all of the travel plans together and without a reliable, first class chauffeur service, even the best laid plans can come unstuck with potentially far reaching consequences.


Mr Fraser completed his demanding schedule without a hitch. Tristar thrived on the challenge of Mr Fraser’s hectic schedule and our global network positioned us perfectly to deliver first class ground transport in all cities required. Corporate Blue had one trusted company and one point of contact to plan and manage their entire travel itinerary, no matter how complicated that might be.


“I am so glad that I did trust Tristar with Mr Fraser’s transfers! With the marathon trip that Mr Fraser was doing, it was imperative that everything went like clockwork and I am happy to say that Tristar made my job so much easier.

The service that I experienced as the booker was phenomenal! Nothing was too hard and everything ran smoothly and to plan. I was also very impressed and delighted with the feedback emails that I received for every single transfer that assured me that each transfer went smoothly. Mr Fraser was also very happy with the on ground service.

I have recommended Tristar to all of my colleagues and friends within the industry, plus anyone else that may be considering transfers.”

Shelly – Corporate Blue


Corporate Blue ensure they have the most skilled staff and best technology to do the best job for their clientele - the delivery of a quality travel experience to their customers is paramount. Their team has an average of 15 years travel industry experience, and specific knowledge of corporate travel management. There is only one way to gain the knowledge required for dealing with corporate demands and that is through years of experience.

Corporate Blue’s commitment to passing on the finest service to their customers is unsurpassed. They are constantly negotiating and searching for the best deals on travel and events available.
http://www.corporateblue.com.au Tel - +61 (0) 3 9578 6555


SuitPack is a suit carrying system that allows travellers to arrive at their destination totally confident that their suit will present “ready to wear”. Having been developed in conjunction with both the Fabric and Textiles Division of a leading International Science Agency, and a renowned Product Development Consulting Company, we used their test facilities to replicate temperature, humidity and pressure conditions that are typically experienced during travel, and their combined expertise to provide us with insight into the characteristics and components that an effective suit carrier should have.
http://www.suit-pack.com Tel - +61 (0) 3 9246 7000